Residential Property Management Solutions

Operational Benefits

Improve leasing agent efficiency with unattended showings through
Increase asset management with better access control (no lost keys!) and energy management in unoccupied homes
Business intelligence access information by property, user, date and time.
Property awareness products can notify you if there is activity at vacant properties
Optional installation force can supplement existing staff
Access to HVAC performance data in occupied homes to reduce costly service calls
Tie in water sensors to know when a leak starts
Integration with multiple property management software companies

Revenue Enhancements

Differentiate your properties by offering tenants a feature they want and will pay for.

Coldwell Banker research states that when looking at single family homes, 54% of shoppers say that if they had to choose between nearly identical homes, they’d choose the one with smart technology already installed.

Incremental add-ons allow tenants to do more with their smart home system and thus stay longer in a property.

Tenants control their home through one central point, with Android and iOS apps, an Apple TV app, an Apple Watch app and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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