Resident Information

Welcome to our resident information page. If you’re here, you likely heard of the PointCentral Smart Home solution from your property manager, or paperwork you found in your home. This page will be your destination for everything you need to know about living in a PointCentral property.

What makes a Smart Home, ‘smart’?

You may be asking yourself ‘What exactly is a Smart Home?’ — but don’t worry, we’ll break things down for you.

The term ‘Smart Home’ may be new to you, but the idea of controlling and automating functions within your home is a concept with which you’re probably familiar.

The PointCentral Solution

Easy to Use

We offer a solution that’s pre-installed and ready-to-use. As a resident, you simply need to download the PointCentral App to your mobile phone, tablet, voice assistant (Amazon Alexa or Google Home), Apple TV or Apple Watch, and retrieve your login information from your property manager.

The PointCentral Solution

Ready to Grow

As a resident, you’ll have access to add-on accessories like Google Home, Amazon Echo and light switches. Speak to your property manager to see what other accessories are available for your property.

Compatible Hardware & Device
The PointCentral Solution

Secure and Reliable

As a part of, our products rely on data encryption, private cellular networks and our hardened cloud to keep control of your home secure and reliable. We also never sell any of your personal information.

The PointCentral Solution

No Long-Term Fees or Contracts

Our solution is affordable and simply a part of your rental contract, so there are no risks or unforeseen fees when you decide to move to your next residence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to access the FAQ in our app or speak to your property manager.

Want to make your rental property a Smart Home?

If PointCentral isn’t currently available at your property, let us help.