Smart Home Solutions

Designed to Delight Guests and Make More Money for Rent by Owners

Operational Benefits

Unattended Check In

Our system automatically delivers to every guest a lock code that is activated on the day of arrival and expires upon check-out.

Access Control

Our solution lets you assign a code to any approved vendor, with unique access privileges (like the maid being able to access every Sunday, but the plumber only having access when you say so).

Energy Savings

The thermostat(s) in your property will automatically adjust (and re-adjust throughout the day) to an energy-saving level when the unit is vacant. When occupied, your guest has local control of the thermostat.

Property Awareness

Be more aware of your property through driveway and doorbell cameras.

Revenue Enhancements

Smart Home

Differentiate your properties by offering tenants a feature they want.

Higher Prices

Guests pay more to stay in rentals equipped with home automation.

Voice Assistants

Compatability with Amazon Echo and Google Home voice assistants allow guests to easily adjust temperature, turn lights on/off and play their favorite song to help enable the perfect vacation!

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