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PointCentral Property Automation Leads to American Idol Stardom?!

2 small confessions before I start my eloquent prose…

  1. I don’t watch American Idol. Which leads me to confession numero dos…
  2. I can’t watch American Idol because I don’t have cable TV. Crazy?! Imagine how my kids must feel. 🙂

Now on to the main event…

In early December (2012), I shared a recap of a fantastic trip I took to Fripp Island Resort in SC to assist with their installation of the PointCentral property automation system across 150+ homes.

Here we are in early May 2013, and a former Fripp Island Resort employee, Candice Glover, is now one of the finalists on American Idol!

Awesome, right?! That’s some BIG news for a tiny little island.

Clearly there’s an obvious connection:


Just a coincidence?

Property automation has nothing to do with singing OR American Idol?

Ah. Well, you may just be right. But I want to give a much deserved shout-out to our friends at Fripp Island Resort and a HUGE congrats to Ms. Candice Glover.

Keep up the great work. If I learn how to use a TV, I’ll be sure to tune in. 🙂

PS – Check out the pipes on the young Ms. Glover. Impressive.