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Operational Efficiency: New Battle Cry for QSRs – Tim Horton’s, McDonald’s & Now Arby’s

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Battle Cry: A yell or chant taken up in battle.

Major “armies” on the QSR battlefield seem to be rallying around a similar battle cry in the current war on slow growth and high competition:

Operational Efficiency

Tim Horton’s new CEO recently talked about the “new reality” for QSRs – low growth & a highly competitive environment. As a result, Horton’s captain is stressing efficiencies and simplification of systems.

A few days later, the new President of McDonald’s discussed the less than stellar McD’s sales and confirmed his commitment to operational efficiencies.

McDonald’s is “sticking to the strategy of remodeling restaurants” and “also tackling service issues, stressing speed, cleanliness and operational discipline.”

We are now hearing from a third major player in the QSR industry that is doubling-down on operational efficiency: Arby’s.

Scott Boatwright, SVP of Operations for Arby’s, recently gave an interview to QSRWeb, and he stressed the need for operational efficiencies, especially energy management and operational data analysis.

“The thinking used to be that we’ve been around for a long time and this is the way it’s worked, so we’re going to stick with it. Now, we have the ability to make changes with efficiencies.”

QSR technology innovations offer the opportunity to free employee time and focus from mundane operational tasks, and move their focus to the customer.

Consider the efficiency improvements if you could control Access, Energy, and Self-Monitored Security from ONE cloud-based system. The ability to control 1-1000+ properties from any web-enabled device!

How much could your operations & bottom line benefit from the ability to…

  • Eliminate risk and cost associated with lost or unreturned keys
  • Wirelessly add and/or delete employee & vendor access
  • Improve accountability by recording & reporting each access
  • Prevent false alarms by disarming the security system prior to entry
  • Facilitate unattended delivery without distributing keys & alarm codes
  • Monitor refrigeration temperature
  • Know when your business is opened/closed
  • Wireless alerts of unauthorized access
  • Notification of unarmed security system
  • Remotely rearm your security system from your PC or smartphone
  • No modification to existing doors or locks
  • Works with your existing security system
  • Manage access to multiple locations from one “cloud-based” dashboard

We’d love to chat with you about the benefits property automation can offer to your restaurant. For more info, please leave a comment below, or drop me a quick email.

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