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How to Manage Energy and Cut Costs with PointCentral

By December 22, 2017 No Comments

Easy and efficient energy management is imperative to property owners who want to decrease costs and increase profitability. Lowering your energy consumption by managing energy consumers–such as your HVAC system, refrigeration, and pool heatacross the inventory of your properties alleviates strain on resources that often leads to wasted energy and, therefore, wasted money.

PointCentral boosts efficiency

By utilizing a smart home-solution like PointCentral, energy management is streamlined and simplified across all properties through the utilization of occupancy based thermostat rules, making it easy to save money.   

Additionally, PointCentral can help reduce your long-term HVAC costs. Our high and low-temperature limits ensure thermostats set to 55 degrees during the summer don’t freeze up your compressor. Plus, you’ll have access to historical HVAC run-time, so you can analyze run issues before they become problems.  

Enter the Smart Thermostat

Property managers and owners who utilize a smart thermostat like PointCentral’s can expect to save between 10 and 15-percent a year by making the transition. Even better, the hardware is sleekly designed and won’t look clunky on your wall. You’ll probably barely notice it’s there – except when you get your power bill.

By going green with PointCentral’s Smart Thermostat and other energy management features, property owners can expect to reduce spending, eliminate wasted time, and improve overall efficiency. Reach out to us to learn more!