Virgin hotels logoHotels Race Towards Smart Technology

It’s not just Hotel Impossible’s Anthony Melchiorri with a disdain for keys. As we all know, the entire hotel industry moved away from keys a looooong time ago.

Now hotels are racing towards a full suite of smart controls, from access to energy and a wide variety of in-room controls.

I’ve mentioned a few examples of hotel migration to smart technology in the past:

Here are two more examples of the direction the hotel industry is headed.

1. Virgin Hotels

Virgin has jumped into the hotel space, and as you may guess from one of the most innovative entrepreneurs, the Virgin hotel is built with technology at its core.

2.  Vib – by Best Western

But it’s not just the innovative entrepreneurs racing to smart technology. Best Western International Hotels is a longstanding, well-recognized hotel brand that is leveraging smart technology in their newest boutique hotel line – Vib (pronounced Vibe).

The business of tomorrow is truly being shaped today.

The race is on for hotels to adopt smart technology.

Can the vacation rental industry keep pace?