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Hotel Industry Going on the Offensive with Vacation Rentals? Safety & Security a Top Concern.

By May 5, 2014 2 Comments

American Hotel & Lodging AssociationVRM Intel recently shared a pretty interesting article about hotels vs. vacation rentals:

Hotel Industry Plans Attack on Vacation Rentals

Hotels and vacation rentals are competitors. No doubt about it. And the vacation rental industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. I’m surprised it took the hotel industry this long to go on the offensive.

I’ll let you jump to VRM Intel for all the details, but I want to highlight a few thoughts.

The vacation rental industry is growing, but there is still ample room to mature. The lack of cohesion and standards is a significant drawback. And the hotel industry is moving to expose VR industry weaknesses.

I tend to fall in line with the thinking of Steve Trover (former VRMA President), who mentions in the VRM Intel article:

We should encourage the AH&LA to further understand and embrace the professional side of vacation rentals while they rightly look to level the playing field where laws are ignored. We should encourage enforcement of existing tax and zoning laws and advocate for laws that are logical and allow for a robust but professional vacation rental industry.

On the whole, professional vacation rental managers do an amazing job managing an extremely complicated business structure. Managing 2, 200, 2000 unique homes across vast distances is insanely difficult.

I believe the hotel offensive will be focused on taxation and regulations. Both areas where professional VRMs are traditionally pretty stable. VRBO’s and Airbnb’s not so much.

However, the one area that I believe the ENTIRE vacation rental industry is drastically undervaluing is safety and security.

The VRM Intel article mentions safety and security as aspects of the Hotel Offensive (did I just coin a new phrase?! :)), but the article does not go into details.

You can read about my VR security concerns through the links below. I won’t rehash them, but I will stress that there is an extreme lack of safety and security in the VR industry – traditional keys and codes cannot me managed effectively.

Real-time access control is imperative to safety and security. Hotels know this. They have had tight security and access procedures for a long time. It’s time for the the VR industry to catch-up.

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