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Hotel Impossible Confronts Access Control [67% of Travelers Site Safety & Security as Their #1 Priority]

By October 17, 2014 No Comments
hotel impossibleAccess Control is a MUST at Quality Hotels

Have you seen Hotel Impossible on the Travel Channel?

Great show! Especially for VRMs looking for an inside view of the hotel industry. Some fantastic tips and tricks.

Here are two quick examples of Hotel Impossible that relate very well to the vacation rental industry (and smart home control :))…

1. Entering The Chipman Hill

  • Remind you of a VRM after-hours box?!?
  • Did you hear those guest security stats?!
    • 67% of travelers site safety and security as their #1 priority when traveling. 

Hotel Immpossible - video

2. No Reason It Should be Empty – jump to lockbox at 1:00

  • Did you see the hotel expert’s response to that lockbox?!
  • How do you think guests feel?

Hotel Immpossible - video

The host of Hotel Impossible, Anthony Melchiorri, has some serious hotel experience. Checkout Mr. Melchiorri’s Wikipedia page.

Clearly, a well-experience hotel expert is not fond of keys, lockboxes and the overall lack of access control.

I’d love to see Anthony’s reaction to the status-quo access control in the vacation rental industry!

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