Hardware Partners


The Point Hub

  • Enables communication between the mobile app and smart home devices
  • Runs on a dedicated cellular connection, making it more reliable improves reliability and security
  • Works in vacant properties even if the phone line, cable, broadband and power are down


Push Button Zwave RealLiving Locks

  • Create unique pin codes for easy access to the property, delete them after check-out
  • Get an instant alert when a guest or worker unlocks the door 
  • Keyless locks make re-keying a thing of the past
  • In short term rentals closing codes let property managers know when the cleaning crew is finished


Smart Thermostat

  • Create smart schedules to save money when the property is vacant
  • Set temperature ranges for guests to manage HVAC costs when unit is occupied
  • Receive critical alerts before there is trouble with the HVAC/furnace
  • Temperature sensors ensure that extra cold or hot rooms stay comfortable
  • Get a rebate in qualifying areas: https://www.pointcentral.com/rebates/


Smart Plug & Wall Mount Accessory Switch

  • Turn any appliance into a smart device with the plug-in module
  • Set rules to automate your devices and appliances
  • Control and dim the lights with the accessory switch

Amazon & Google

Echo & Google Home

  • Control your smart home system with voice control
  • Integrates for control of lights, locks and thermostat

LiftMaster & Linear

MyQ Control Panel & Z-Wave Garage Controller

  • Check if the garage was left open and close it remotely 
  • Get a notification if the garage door is left open

Climax Z-Wave

Door/Window Sensors

  • Place on doors, windows, cabinet drawers, the medicine cabinet or refrigerator
  • Receive an alert when one of these is opened or stays open for too long
  • Compatible with the Alarm.com Hub
Climax Z-Wave Door & Windows Sensors


Smart Sprinkler Controller

  • Control and monitor sprinklers 
  • Quickly check irrigation status
  • Set a rain delay


Water Sensor

  • Place in common flood areas like basements or under a sink
  • Receive an alert when water is detected to avoid water damage