Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to your most common questions! If you can’t find something here, feel free to reach out to us at 888.532.3032 or [email protected]

Can I change the temperature of my house from my phone?

Yes. You can customize settings for your heating and air conditioning and make changes at anytime via your smart phone.

Can I create a personalized code, such as my birthday?

No, due to security reasons, the system can only generate random codes.

Can I create a user code from my phone?

Yes. You can create a user code at any time from your phone.

Can I create codes that only last for a couple hours or a day?

Yes. When you create a code, you can select a time frame for the code to work.

Can I eventually control my lights, garage door and other appliances?

Yes. The system works with hundreds of Z-wave devices such as garage door openers, energy monitors, light switches and motion sensors. More information will be available as these options become available.

Can I lock and unlock my front door from my phone?

Yes. With the push of a button, you can lock and unlock your door.

Can I set temperature schedules so when I leave for work, the temperature will automatically change?

Yes. Temperature schedules can be set and changed via your smart phone or desktop computer.

Can the locks withstand harsh weather conditions, including a coastal climate?

Yale has been innovating in the lock industry since 1840. Yale fully stands behind the locks, they are installed in harsh climates, including coastal climates all around the world.

The locks are warranted for 3-years and have a 5-year finish warranty.

The PointSafe has been rigorously test in extreme conditions, including cold, water, and tampering.

How does Energy Management work?

We will replace your existing thermostat(s) with a state of the art wireless thermostat that allows us to monitor temperature and mode from the web.

The thermostat to a guest will appear and function like a standard thermostat, but because it has the ability to wirelessly communicate with the cellular gateway it can report within seconds to an online device. This enables the system to set alerts for low or high temperature.

Temperature can be monitored and controlled remotely, and the thermostat can be programmed to prevent guests from setting the thermostat to a low point that often causes air conditioning compressors to freeze up requiring a maintenance call.

Human error is also eliminated by the system’s ability to automatically set the temperature based upon an “unoccupied” status.

For instance, when a guest checks out, the system will automatically reset the thermostat to an appropriate temperature.

We project a monthly savings of 10-15% in energy costs.

How does Pool Control work?

The pool control system includes a heater control module and temperature probe. This enables the system to remotely turn the heater On or Off and monitor the water temperature via the web.

The existing thermostat will continue to control the temperature, and the filtration schedule will operate as it does today.

The system simply turns the heater On/Off based upon whether or not the guest has paid for pool heat.

The system will send alerts if the temperature is too high (guest tampered with the thermostat), or if heat is on and the temperature is not rising you will know in advance of the guest arrival that there is an issue with the heater.

If the temperature exceeds the thermostat setting, the heater can be turned off remotely.

How does the keyless lock work?

Here is a video explanation of how the Yale keyless lock operates:

How does the lock function if cellular service goes out?

Codes are sent to the PointHub (cellular gateway) via the cellular network in real-time as the codes are created.

  • I.E. – An Expiring Code that is not active for another year is sent to the PointHub when it is created and remains dormant in the PointHub until it is time to activate it.

The PointCentral backend will give a “Confirmed” notification next to the User to let you know the code is in the PointHub

When it is time to activate the code (immediately or hours/days/months away), the PointHub sends the code to the Lock via Zwave.

  • The cellular network is not needed for this “transaction.”

The codes are then removed from the lock via Zwave when the code expires.

Codes for key personnel can be set to “Always” so they will remain in the lock and will not be dependent on power or cellular service.

How is the PointCentral system installed?

A cellular gateway will be installed in each property. The gateway will be mounted near an electrical outlet within 25 feet of the lock/door. The gateway plugs into a standard wall outlet and also has a rechargeable battery backup.

The Yale touch-screen electronic lock is be installed by replacing the existing hardware. There is no modification required to the door, and the installation utilizes the deadbolt or lever lock depending on the current locking hardware installed.

The thermostats replace the existing thermostat.

The PointSafe is mounted on an external wall near the door utilizing a simple mounting bracket.

How many different codes can be assigned to the system?

The locks can store 240 unique PIN codes.

Expiring codes are deleted as they expire, freeing up space for new codes.

What are the benefits of smart control solutions?

Safety & Security

Keys will be eliminated.

PointCentral provides a unique access PIN to each authorized person (employee, guest, vendor, etc.) granted access to your property.

Each access will be recorded by person, date and time and we will have immediate visibility to access history via the web.

Guest codes (“expiring” codes) will only be active during the reservation period and are automatically deleted upon checkout. Contractors/vendors granted access can also be given temporary code that will limit the time-frame they have access to your property.

More Than Access Control

The system will also enable a variety of optional services including Energy Management that will reduce your energy costs on average by 10-15% per month.

In addition, the thermostat(s) can be limited to adjust within a set range (e.g. 69 to 75 degrees), and the system will automatically set the thermostat based upon property occupancy – i.e. “occupied” or “unoccupied.”

What door types will (not) work with the system?

The Yale lock comes in two varieties:

  1. Lever lock
  2. Deadbolt

The locks replace the existing hardware and fit standard doors.

We can provide an extension to fit thicker doors, but we do not have a “keyless” lock for 3-point locking mechanisms.

However, we do have a fully-connected “lockbox” alternative that offers the same capabilities as the Yale locks in addition to more flexible installation options:

What happens if the cellular connection is lost?

Cellular networks are “self-healing,” meaning that if the cellular signal is lost, it reconnects on it’s own.

For example, when your cell phone loses signal, it comes back without you having to anything to recover the signal.

The PointCentral cellular gateway works the same way. If the cellular connection is lost, it will reconnect on its own.

What if a lock is left unlocked?

The Yale locks can be set to auto-lock after 30 seconds, so unlocked doors are not a security risk.

However, if the locks are set to manual lock, they are locked by simply touching the keypad. If the lock is left open, you can remotely lock the lock from any web-enabled device.

What if an Authorized User loses their access PIN?

The system allows the lock to be remotely unlocked from any web-enabled device.

After asking the appropriate security question to identify Authorized User,  the PIN can be provided and/or the door remotely unlocked.

What if the lock fails (battery or electronic problem), how does an Authorized User get in?

Each lock comes with 2 “backup” mechanical keys to keep in safe storage in the event there is a failure. The locks are warranted for 3-years and have a lifetime finish warranty.

What if the power goes out?

The locks are battery powered and do not require any other power source to function. If/when a power loss occurs the locks will be functional.

The system monitors battery status, and the average life for the batteries is 12 months. The property management staff will ensure that new batteries are installed when needed.

Although the thermostat has battery backup a power loss will shut down the heating and air conditioning.

The cellular gateway plugs into a standard wall outlet and also has a rechargeable battery backup that will last for 18+ hours.

The system will automatically send notifications if/when power is lost. The cellular gateway switches to battery backup and immediately sends a signal that power has been lost. The system will also send a notification when power is restored and the backup battery will be recharged.

Why cellular?

Business managers are well aware of the reliability issues associated with  internet/routers and WiFi networks.

The PointCentral smart control system does not require local internet connectivity and includes a cellular “gateway” for each property.

The PointCentral cellular technology provides businesses a secure and reliable cellular network that
enables real-time control and visibility of all properties.

Industry experts and consumers agree that cellular monitoring is best, for safety and reliability.

Why install PointCentral Smart Control?

Mechanical keys are often not returned, lost, stolen or copied. There is no efficient method to securely track keys or determine if they have been copied. A regular change of lock is extremely costly and does not solve the fundamental problem.

For years the hotel industry has used “electronic cards” to ensure guest, employee, and vendor safety and security.

A real-time, keyless Access Control system is now an affordable alternative for commercial businesses and vacation rental properties.

Will I be able to add a code for my friends and other family members?

Yes. You can create a code for anyone that needs to enter your home.

Guests or Tenants in a Property

If you are a guest or tenant in a property, please contact your property manager or call the number and select Option 3.


Property Manager

If you are a property manager please email us at [email protected] or call the number below and select Option 2.