Get to Know PointCentral Smart Business Control: Recorded Webinar & Trade Show Interview

As I mentioned in yesterday’s case study post, smart control technology is growing fast! And the applications for business are pretty amazing… Reduce costs Increase security Improve business intelligence The case study offers very compelling evidence of the benefits of smart business control, but to offer some more background and additional analysis of the benefits of smart business control, I’d…

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The PointSafe: The Perfect “Keyless” Access Solution for Those Hard to Reach Property Automation Projects

keyless entry

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, PointCentral property automation offers two “keyless” access solutions: The PointSafe Yale deadbolt & lever locks –Ok, three if you want to get technical :-). I’ll be the first to admit that the Yale locks are gorgeous. They look like what you expect property automation to be. Hip, futuristic, a stunt double for a Star Trek episode. I…

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