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[Case Study] Smart Control = Smart Business: Reduce Costs, Increase Security & Improve Business Intelligence

By March 25, 2014 One Comment
Case StudySmart Home = Smart Business?

Smart home automation is growing fast!

Google recently bought Nest smart thermostats for $3.2 billion!

Overall, the “smart home” industry is projected to grow to almost $50B with more than half-a-billion smart devices by 2018.

Those are HUGE numbers.

But the question that lingers in my mind is, what type of impact will this smart automation have on businesses?!

If smart home automation offers a great impact to a single home, imagine leveraging this power for multiple properties.

Home/property automation offers an amazing impact on business operations when you take the residential benefits and multiply it by 2, 200, or 2000+ properties…all controlled from one dashboard.

Home automation on an “enterprise” level is pretty amazing. 🙂

PointCentral smart business control gives this power to businesses of all varieties.

The PointCentral technology is able to leverage cellular networks to cover large areas, while other home automation utilizes small WiFi networks, making it difficult to scale on an enterprise level.

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Smart Business Control Case Study

To help quantify the impact of smart business control, PointCentral recently partnered with the Security Executive Council and a well known global service brand with more than 12,000 retail offices to conduct a case study across a 23 office sample.

The results are impressive.

[Download Case Study] Smart Business Control Reduces Costs, Increases Security & Improves Business Intelligence

I’ll let you review the case study to dig into the details, but here is a quick overview of the results:

A General Comparison of CompetitionService/Resource 

Attributes or Capabilities

PointCentralCompany A
Eliminate distribution of mechanical keysYY
Provide web-based control for Access to all sitesYN
Remotely enable / disable AccessYN
Enable unaccompanied / temporary accessYN
Automated alerts for late openingYY
Automated alerts for access outside of unauthorized hoursYY
Operate independent of corporate networkYN
Web connection technologyIndependent Cellular NetworkCorp Network / Local Router
Lower energy costsYN
Remotely set HVAC schedulesYN
Automatic Alerts on office temperature extremesYN
3 yr Cost of Ownership per LocationLess than $1,000 per site$2,000 – $3,000 per site