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[Case Study] Energy/Money Savings with Vacation Rental Smart Home Control & Energy Management

By May 6, 2014 3 Comments

Energy MoneyLast week I discussed the potential energy and money savings with smart energy management:

How Much Money can be Saved with Smart Home Control & Energy Management?

I shared a number of great articles – and my fabulous commentary 🙂 – but I highlighted the fact that to truly address the question of “how much can be saved,” I need to share real data.

I made a promise in that post that I would do just that: share real energy/money savings data from vacation rental homes utilizing PointCentral Energy Management.

One of the main rules I have with my kids is to “never break a promise.” I’m here to follow through on my word…my kids would be proud. 🙂

Below is a three home energy analysis of All Star Vacation Homes in Orlando, FL for Q4 (Oct. – Dec.) 2012 vs. 2013. PointCentral was installed inventory-wide at All Star in September 2013.

However, before you dive into the data, I want to preface this analysis with a few thoughts:

1.Getting an “apples to apples” comparison of energy management is difficult.

  • Markets and climates vary
  • HVAC and pool heat systems vary house to house
  • The energy efficiency of the homes varies (appliances, insulation, etc.)
  • Occupancy calendars play a big part in energy consumption and vary year to year

2. All Star was just starting to use the PointCentral system at this time, so there may have been a bit of a learning curve still in progress during the analysis period

3. The HVAC was not fully automated to drive the Energy Management off of occupied vs. unoccupied rules.

My main point in all of that is, while I’m impressed with the savings below, we definitely have room for improvement.

3 Home Q4 Average – All Star Vacation Homes


2012 vs. 2013 



Home 1Quarterly Avg. $ Savings



Home 2Quarterly Avg. $ Savings



Home 3Quarterly Avg. $ Savings



Average Quarterly $ Savings



Home 1Quarterly Avg. % Savings



Home 2Quarterly Avg. % Savings



Home 3Quarterly Avg. % Savings



Average Quarterly % Savings



* Gas = Pool Heat & Electric = HVAC