As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, PointCentral property automation offers two “keyless” access solutions:

I’ll be the first to admit that the Yale locks are gorgeous. They look like what you expect property automation to be. Hip, futuristic, a stunt double for a Star Trek episode.

I love the Yale locks, and I believe they are a fantastic fit for the vacation rental industry. Easy to install, durable and pleasing to the eye.

But I’m always a fan of an underdog. When I’m out talking with VRMs, the clear underdog is the PointSafe.

For all the reasons I just mentioned, the Yale lock catches people’s attention. And for good reason. But honestly, the PointSafe is pretty sweet, too.

Yes, it looks a bit more industrial. But that is by design. It was developed to withstand a beating—from weather or potential intruders. And it was designed for use with commercial buildings, so yes—a different look than your typical residential/vacation rental home.

However, the beauty of the PointSafe is that it can still be the perfect fit for vacation rental managers.

As I talk with VRMs, one thing is clear: every manager has a varied inventory of vacation rental homes. The Yale lock may catch your eye, but after a quick inventory analysis, it’s clear there is a definite need for the PointSafe as well…

  • Mr. Jones won’t let us touch his door!
  • That HOA is a big pain and won’t let us change locks.
  • Mrs. Smith’s door has triple locks…good luck finding a keyless solution for those.

The beauty of the PointSafe is that it works in every type of scenario.

Here are a few examples:

  • Quick & Easy: As we started to plan our install with Fripp Island Resort, it was clear they needed a quick and easy solution to get up and running ASAP. And the PointSafe was the perfect solution. A bracket with four quick screws attached two steps from the front door – a task their Maintenance team could easily handle. Reduce their out of control “hard” key management to one in the PointSafe and one in the office. No door locks to inventory or swap for homeowners. Bam!
  • Triple Locks: We are currently talking with Bald Head Island Vacation Rentals, and they have a somewhat unique problem. They would love to go “keyless,” but their entire inventory has Andersen triple lock doors. They have not been able to find ANY solutions that will work with their inventory…until now. The PointSafe is the perfect fit.
  • Gorgeous Doors: You know those REALLY gorgeous doors? Gorgeous wood. Gorgeous hardware. Clearly a ton of money. Yeah, the Yale lock is pretty slick, but odds are homeowners don’t want you touching those really gorgeous/expensive doors. We’ve run into this multiple times as we install with Sunriver Resort. Here’s some photographic evidence of the perfect fitting PointSafe and a seamless cover that hides it in plain sight.

So, what’s my lesson in all of this? Keep an open mind. Root for the underdog. Sometimes, the best solutions are the industrial model you overlooked.

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