Choose How to Automate Your Smart Home With PointCentral

By April 1, 2018 No Comments

What drives the decisions we make about our homes? Convenience, safety, security, comfort: all of these factors play a role as we determine how we want to live, and each requirement is satisfied by the many benefits of home automation. Smart tech continues to increase in popularity and PointCentral is delivering the choices and flexibility that matter most to those seeking to bring automation into their homes or rental properties.

Comprehensive Access in the Palm of Your Hand

All PointCentral Enterprise Smart Home Solutions run through a cellular communication gateway that comes with the product.

Internet connections are notoriously spotty or unreliable, with 38-percent of surveyed users having called their providers to complain about slow service, and a whopping 43-percent experiencing internet outages at least once a month. To avoid that pitfall, PointCentral piggybacks on the existing networks of cell providers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

From there, you can use any web-enabled device — your smartphone or tablet, for example — to access your cloud-based dashboard from anywhere in the world. Simply download an Android or iOS app or set up Amazon Alexa or Google Home and join the future of IoT technology.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

PointCentral offers smart home selections to fit a wide range of price points, but that’s just the beginning of the cost-cutting opportunities.

  • With temperature automation, you can dial back on heating costs in between tenant stays. Doing so for just 8 hours per day could save you up to 10-percent per year, and with PointCentral, you don’t even have to be on-site to flip the switch.
  • The system logs HVAC performance data, indicating when you need to schedule a preventative service call — a far better option than waiting for larger problems reported by tenants and an expensive emergency repair.
  • The ability to integrate PointCentral with your existing property management software consolidates day-to-day operations and reduces strain on resources like your time and payroll.

Peace of Mind and Stellar Security

Being aware of activity in and around your property is important, but the bigger your business grows or the more opportunities you have to travel away from your rental, the more difficult it becomes to keep tabs. Forget about doing drive-bys or hiring a homesitter. PointCentral boosts property awareness by notifying you of movement at a property that should be vacant and sending out an alert if there’s a sudden leak in the bathroom pipes.

Speaking of service calls, those are easier than ever thanks to limited-time entry codes that work only within the time frame you designate. Set a weekly code for housekeeping or a one-time code for grocery delivery. Concerned about having someone on your property when you’re not around? Take a peek at the streaming video captured by PointCentral cameras and put your mind at ease.

Superior Customer Service

If you’re using PointCentral to streamline operations for your long-term rentals or vacation properties, you’re gaining a kind of digital concierge in addition to a smart home utility. Random lock codes that activate the day a guest checks in allow visitors to enter and exit at any time of day without the need for the landlord or owner to be available on-demand. That code expires at check-out, ensuring safety and relegating spare keys to near-relic status. You can also catch problems before they happen, nipping customer complaints in the bud and protecting your investment in the process.

Other key features turn into major selling points. Designate your property as a smart home on all your marketing materials, and you’ll attract high-quality tenants interested in an equally high-quality place to stay. Millennials are even willing to pay an impressive 20-percent premium for smart properties, something that can help you fill your booking schedule and your coffers with remarkable speed.

While you’re busy living life, the properties in your portfolio are carrying on exactly as you intended, thanks to PointCentral’s innovative technology. Request a free demo to see the future in action.