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Baby Boomers are Technology Adopters: They May Beat You to Smart Control & Automation

By April 14, 2014 No Comments

Technology_Baby_BoomersI’m just back from a road-trip to Orlando for the Eastern VRMA conference.

We also hung around the sunshine state for an added day to give a group of vacation rental managers a first-hand look at the always impressive All Star Vacation Homes operations.

All Star is amazingly open with VRMs and allows PointCentral to tour their facilities, chat with team members, and soak up their southern hospitality in an effort to help VRMs recognize the fantastic benefits of smart home control.

All in all, I was pretty much away from the computer all of last week. Always great to interact in person, but as you may guess, I’m digging out from a hefty technology pile-up.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

First, here’s a couple links to get a feel for the awesome E. VRMA show:

  1. LiveRez conference recap
  2. A great look at the show via a GoPro from ICND

With that long-winded intro out of the way, here’s the main point of this post:

Vacation rental homeowners are adopting smart home technology with or without their property managers.

I talk with VRMs everyday, and each and every VRM confirms that their homeowners are buying home automation technology and using it – while the guests are in the house!

At the E. VRMA show one manager told me the story of a homeowner turning the heat down to 55 at night – while the guests are in the house!

I’m sure the idea of homeowners using home automation technology is not new to you. Heck, you’re probably fighting it right now with a Nest thermostat! I’ve even discussed this topic before:

However, it was brought to my attention again today through a pretty telling statistic about the over 50 population – i.e Baby Boomers…you know, that monstrous demographic growing by thousands every day. Yeah, your homeowners.

An article on Snagrent pointed out:

  • 69% of seniors will make use of the Internet [when booking a vacation].
  • AARP has a study that suggests that 80% of people over 50 will use the Internet when planning their holidays.

I admit, these stats are a bit of tangent compared to my above points. However, I don’t think I’m stretching our mental capacities too much.

The clear point of those stats is that seniors/Baby Boomers are technology adopters.

The Baby Boomer generation built the technology we use today. They laid the tracks for us to ride this technology roller coaster, and they are not afraid to use it.

Baby Boomers are busy adopting useful technology, and if you’re not quick, they may just pass you.

Hope to see you at W. VRMA!