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May 2021

PMS Partner Spotlight: A conversation with Barefoot executive Claiborne Yarbrough

We’re proud of our integration with leading property management systems. Our partners use the PointCentral offering to provide a fully integrated solution powering an integrated smart home experience. We spoke with Claiborne Yarbrough, Director of Sales and Marketing at Barefoot, to find out more about Barefoot’s technology solution, how the integration with PointCentral is helping her clients, and her thoughts…

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The Single-Family Rental Market: Why Demand Is High Right Now

single family rental market

The 2021 rental property sector is still a source of optimism for property rental investors, and single-family homes are getting some time in the limelight. Outside of high-density housing, there is a larger renter base and an increase in the demand for tech-based management and smart homes. Plus, investment properties are still safer than most other investment forms right now. …

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