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May 2019

Why You Really Need Property Automation for Your Vacation Rentals


Many renters and homeowners still view property automation as a “luxury.” However, this technology is quickly becoming the norm. Furthermore, if you own vacation rental properties and you want to stay competitive in your industry, smart home automation is a business necessity. Indeed, as a vacation rental owner, smart home automation will boost the safety and security of your properties,…

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Are Your Vacation Rental Guests Damaging Your HVAC Systems? Here’s How to Prevent It With Home Automation


People use their HVAC systems conservatively when they’re at home. But when they’re at your vacation rental, it’s another story. All that HVAC conservativism goes flying out the window! Giving your guests free reign over the thermostat in your vacation rental is a recipe for high energy bills, broken HVAC equipment and a touch of regret. Fortunately, with home automation,…

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How Technology Is Helping Vacation Rental Home Owners Stay Competitive

Owning a vacation home is the dream of many and the realization of few. But these days—with services like HomeAway and Airbnb—owning a vacation home is more than just a luxury: it’s a business opportunity. Renting your vacation property can produce a lucrative auxiliary income, but just like any business entrepreneur, if you want to be competitive and provide the…

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