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December 2017

How to Manage Energy and Cut Costs with PointCentral

Easy and efficient energy management is imperative to property owners who want to decrease costs and increase profitability. Lowering your energy consumption by managing energy consumers–such as your HVAC system, refrigeration, and pool heat–across the inventory of your properties alleviates strain on resources that often leads to wasted energy and, therefore, wasted money. PointCentral boosts efficiency By utilizing a smart…

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The Real Cost of Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys can create several burdens and severe risks for property managers. Between losing, breaking, or misplacing them temporarily, the issues that can arise from the usage of mechanical keys are many, which can mean they’re not as cost-efficient as one might think. A Costly Burden On average, it costs $1 to $4 to copy a key—not bad, right? However,…

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Stop Mold Before it Starts With Point Central

Mold can happen anywhere, but there is one place you don’t want to find it – inside buildings. As a part of the fungi family, mold thrives in wet, damp environments. Buildings present the ideal environment for mold to flourish as moisture can become easily trapped behind walls, under carpets, and inside ductwork. While mold is a problem that should…

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