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June 2015

Smart Home as Competitive Differentiation for Vacation Rentals [Hobbs Realty Promotes Inventory-Wide Smart Home Installation with New Billboard]

In a previous post, I discussed the value of innovation from the perspective of the Harvard Business Review. Harvard Business Review: Take a Chance on Technology Innovation! It’s Worth the Risk. Here’s a quick reminder… By their nature, businesses tend to avoid risk. Once something “works,” we have a tendency stay the course. We stop looking for those awesome “hacks”…

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Anatomy of a Vacation Rental Smart Home: Automate Operations & Status Updates

I’ve chatted about the great benefits of enterprise smart home control for vacation rental operations a number of times. You can peruse a selection of posts below. However, I understand some of y’all may be more visual. So rather than my eloquent prose, let’s take a look at a 1 minute video that sums up the tremendous operational value smart…

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Professional VS. Consumer Grade Smart Home Control: System Architecture

The Eastern and Western VRMA Conferences were held a few weeks ago. If it’s been a while since you attended, I highly recommend the events. I’ve attended 10+ VRMA events over the years, and at this year’s “Regionals,” I witnessed a rare occurrence – standing-room only for a presentation. As the Chairperson of the VRMA Communications Committee, I’m excited to see…

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