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December 2014

2015 Smart Resolution: Take Control of ALL Your Homes

2015 is knocking on the proverbial door. Rather than looking back at the year that was (adios 2014!), let’s take this opportunity to tease out the BIG 2015 trend… Smart home control, smart automation, Internet of Things….whatever title you want to prescribe, it’s going to be GIANT. You can stay current on a plethora of articles predicting the (continued) explosion…

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WiFi vs. Cellular Smart Home Control: The Internet of Things Will Strangle Your Bandwidth

WiFi vs Cellular

The world around us is getting smarter, and we are becoming increasingly connected to this improved intelligence. First it was smartphones, now it’s smart homes. Soon, it will be the internet of not only things, but everything. It is amazing how quickly technology is racing ahead. The smart home—i.e. home automation— is getting a lot of attention these days. Here’s…

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Internet of Things: How To Determine Fact vs. Fiction [The Importance of Due Diligence]

Last week I discussed the value of smart technology and how it is starting to revolutionize business practices: The Internet of Things WILL Change Your Business | Hype vs. Realty I mentioned there are two levels to the discussion of smart technology: Do you see the value smart technology can bring to your business? How will you differentiate vendors and…

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The Internet of Things WILL Change Your Business | Hype vs. Reality

Internet of Things. Smart Home. Smart Control. Home Automation. Smart Business. Business Automation. What the heck are we calling this tsunami of a technology trend? The confusion around “smart” technology starts with the name and extends all the way to vendors, technology capabilities, business applications and best practices. Smart technology is pretty much the wild west of today. A whole…

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