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September 2014

Vacation Rental Smart Home Control: The Most Strategic Operations Decision You WILL Make

Smart home control is revolutionizing vacation rental management. However, this is an organic revolution that is growing in such a way that you may overlook it on an everyday basis. You see the need everyday… Lack of security across vacation rental home inventories (Who has keys/codes to your homes? Right, who knows?!) Inefficient operations Wasted trips to homes (and homeowner…

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Smart Home Control Over-Hyped? No Way! [And the Biggest of the Big Brands Agree.]

Is the Internet of Things the most over-hyped technology right now?! “Inconceivable!” I’ll elaborate on my short answer. But first, let’s build a bit of a background… I recently came across an article that originated on The Guardian and was shared by Tnooz (“News and analysis about travel technology”). The article makes the claim that the Internet of Things is…

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