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August 2014

Vacation Rental Smart Home Control Testimonial: Winter Park Lodging Company

I’ve mentioned Winter Park Lodging Company a couple times: Turn-Key Installation in 3 Days Host of Smart Home Control Seminar Winter Park Lodging Company To offer a quick recap, Winter Park Lodging was in a jam last November because a WiFi smart home system they tried to install wasn’t living up to expectations, and their insanely busy Thanksgiving rush was…

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Build a Vacation Rental Smart Home Network? [Some Things You Build, Some Things You Buy.]

The smart home market is growing fast! The estimates keep eclipsing each other. The most recent study “expects the U.S. smart home market to grow from the current size of $1.3 billion to $7.8 billion in 2019.” Smart home systems and services will ring up sales of $18 billion in the U.S. this year and could more than double to $39 billion…

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Vacation Rental Smart Home Control Testimonial: Sun Palace Vacations

I’ve discussed the technology adoption cycle a few times: Technology Adoption Cycle: VRMs Adopting Smart Home Control to Improve Operations Technology Adoption Speeding Up: Smart Home Control Spreading Fast Smart home technology is spreading fast (thanks Google & Apple!), but we are still in the beginning of the technology adoption cycle. I experience this first hand when I talk with…

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Copy Keys with a Picture! Very Cool AND Very Scary.

The next time I need a new key for my car (obviously I’m keyless at my house 🙂 ), I’m most definitely using Snap a couple pictures, click the link on my smart phone and bam, keys arrive via mail in a couple days. Pretty awesome, right?! Hard to get more efficient than that. However, on the darker side,…

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