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June 2014

WiFi vs. Cellular Smart Homes: Almost 98 Percent of Data Use in US Homes Will Be Over Wi-Fi by 2018

Take a quick peak at the picture to the right. What do you notice? Everyone looking down at their smart phone. We all do it. Our connection to mobile devices is constant. The smart phone/head down phenomenon is so common these days that people are actually injuring themselves walking and looking at their phone! Now, take a quick analysis of…

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Squatters at the Home: The Need for Vacation Rental Smart Home Control Grows

It is awesome to see how much the vacation rental industry is growing. I read an article today that placed the value of US/Europe VR market at over $100B! And TripAdvisor has shared survey results showing almost 50% of travelers plan to stay in a vacation rental home. Those are amazing numbers. Such a HUGE change from when I started…

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Vacation Rental Smart Home Control Sweeping the Nation

Much Thanks to Our Partners Vacation rental smart home control is spreading fast. VRM’s across the country are quickly embracing the great benefits of “enterprise” home automation. We want to take a brief pause to offer a HUGE “thanks” to all the PointCentral partners listed below. VR Smart Home Control Stats First, a quick look at some telling VR smart…

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Smart Home Control Seminar: An In-Depth Review of the Benefits of Home Automation for Vacation Rental Managers

Over the past nine months, we have hosted five Smart Home Control Seminars at PointCentral client sites – i.e. vacation rental managers that have implemented PointCentral smart home control. One at Sunriver Resort (Bend, OR), three at All Star Vacation Homes (Orlando, FL), and we just completed our latest party seminar this week at Winter Park Lodging Company (Winter Park,…

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