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February 2014

Mechanical Keys: An Unnecessary Vacation Rental Liability [White Paper]

As we’ve highlighted on a number of occasions, there is a BIG security gap in the vacation rental industry: Access Control (or lack thereof)… There’s a HUGE Need for Vacation Rental Security Breaking Bad: A Look at a Vacation Rental Security Loophole Floating Keys STINK, But they WERE a Necessary Evil Vacation Rental Insurance: Where Does Coverage End & Liability…

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WiFi vs. Cellular: Your WiFi Network is ALREADY Full

I’ve already chirped about the HUGE difference between cellular and WiFi networks on a number of occasions…. WiFi vs. Cellular = Home Automation vs. Property Automation 7 Hours Per Month with No WiFi. Not Bad? Unless Your Business Depends on It. Why Would WiFi Home Automation Systems Use Cellular “Backup”? Can Home Automation Be Hacked?! Trust Cellular Over WiFi. WiFi…

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