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January 2014

How to Fund Vacation Rental Smart Home Control: You’re Already Funding It with Inefficient Operations

Last week I shared a post describing the potential to Create a Profit with Vacation Rental Smart Home Control. I whole-heartedly stand behind the message of that post. Smart Home Control is a service that your guests and homeowners want (ah hem, you can check out a post on that topic as well :)). However, I’d like to take a…

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WiFi Reset Instructions: A Great Reminder of the MAJOR Difference Between WiFi & Cellular Reliability

If I’ve had the opportunity to bend your ear for at least 30 seconds about PointCentral Smart Control Solutions, then odds are you’ve heard me gab about the MAJOR difference between WiFi and cellular reliability. Related Posts: WiFi vs. Cellular = Home Automation vs. Property Automation Why Would WiFi Home Automation Systems Use Cellular “Backup”? 7 Hours Per Month with…

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Google Acquires Nest “Smart” Thermostat: A Perfect Opportunity for Vacation Rental Managers?

In my last post, I dropped a quick hint about the GIGANTIC smart home automation news: Google buys Nest smart thermostats for $3.2 billion! The interwebz have been buzzing about this news for days, so I figured I’d carve out a full post rather than just a quick mention. Google’s acquisition of Nest smart thermostats (just one aspect of home…

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Vacation Rental Industry Buzzing About Need for Smart Home Control {2014 Prediction Already a Reality?!}

I’ve been chirping about the perfect match of Smart Home Control and vacation rental homes for quite a while. But that’s my gig; you’d expect that from me. Waaaay back on January 4, I even made the bold prediction that Smart Home Control would hit the mainstream in the vacation rental industry in 2014. Here we are 12 days later,…

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Can Home Automation Be Hacked?! Trust Cellular Over WiFi.

Hackers are some smart folks! This nefarious underbelly of the technology world generally gets bad press. Much of it well-deserved. Ah hem, stolen credit card numbers at Target this passed Christmas! However, on the flip side, when the hacking isn’t aimed at ruining your holiday with a stolen credit card, there are some strong benefits from poking holes in technology…

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Where are Your Keys?! {Take Control with Smart Home Automation}

PointCentral Smart Home Control offers the vacation rental industry the new standard of care… Reliable Affordable Deployable R.A.D! Great acronym, right?! I’ve mentioned the NEED for vacation rental managers to eliminate “floating” keys and codes a number of times… {Related Post | Let’s Talk Turkey: There’s a HUGE Need for Vacation Rental Security} {Related Post | Breaking Bad: A Look at a Vacation Rental Security Loophole}…

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2014 Vacation Rental Prediction: Smart Home Control Goes Mainstream

In my last post, I mentioned the start of a New Year is a the perfect opportunity to wax poetically about what lies ahead. Since we’re still in the first week of 2014, lets continue the poetic waxing. I’ve come across a few 2014 Vacation Rental Predictions on the interwebs: 4 Vacation Rental Guru Predictions for 2014: I particularly dig…

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When Everything is Smart: The Business of Tomorrow is Being Shaped Today

Happy 2014! Hope you enjoyed a fantastic holiday season. The beginning of a New Year is always exciting. Full of hope and promise. A great time to wax poetically about what’s to come. Very fittingly, I stumbled across a pretty great website today that has collected expert opinions about what lies ahead: The Big Shift. Here’s how the website describes…

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