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September 2013

Smart Access Control & Keyless Locks Becoming Hotel Standards. Will Vacation Rentals Adopt the Trend?

smart access control

Vacation rentals versus hotels. A typical David and Goliath story over the years. But times, they are a changin’! The vacation rental industry is gaining some serious momentum—check it out: VR Growth & Maturity Taking Shape. However, as I’ve mentioned, I do see a serious weak spot in the vacation rental industry, and that’s security. I’ve chirped about this security…

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Vacation Rental Insurance: Where Does Coverage End & Liability Begin?

Let’s start with a confession. I don’t know the answer to this burning question: Vacation Rental Insurance: Where does coverage end & liability begin? And let’s take this perplexing question a step further. Are we talking about insurance coverage and liability for the vacation rental homeowner or the vacation rental management company (VRM)? Both? Where does that blurry line begin…

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Your Guests Hate Your Check-in Process {Marriott Knows This…& So Do You}

Guest check-in’s jumped to the front of my mind again today.  {Related Post: Are Vacation Rental Check-ins a Thing of the Past?} Did you hear the news? Marriott now offers the option to bypass their front desk with a mobile check-in app. Hotels are a HUGE vacation rental competitor, right? If Marriott is allowing mobile check-in, how long until other…

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