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March 2013

Survey Says: Vacation Rental Property Automation Survey Results – March 2013

A couple weeks ago we offered a quick survey focused on property automation for the vacation rental industry. The results of the survey seem to be pointing towards a coming shift in the industry – a shift that leverages technology to give VRM’s more control of their business. But before I dive into some telling survey results, a quick bit…

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Media Pitch: Awesome Potential of Home Automation for Commercial Businesses – I.E. – Commercial Property Automation

I’ll start this post on a positive note. I am amazingly psyched to be sitting at the cross-section of two awesome industries that are on the verge of fantastic growth – home automation and vacation rental homes. I’ve professed my undying love for both industries, and both are showing signs of BIG growth in 2013. Checkout all of these companies/products…

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Vacation Rental Property Automation Survey + a chance to win a $100 gift card!

Vacation Rental Property Automation Survey Vacation rental homes are pretty awesome. Can property automation make them even better?! We believe property automation can help revolutionize the vacation rental industry by improving… Security Operating efficiency Energy management Guest experience But we want to know what YOU think. Here’s a short 10 question survey. As a big THANK YOU, you’ll have a…

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Infographic: Property Automation = Vacation Rental 2.0

I’ve mentioned the idea of Vacation Rental 2.0 a number of times on this blog. But what exactly do I mean by it? 2.0 has come to mean next generation advancement…most often associated with technology. The vacation rental industry is growing and maturing tremendously these days. At the same time, technology has made incredible advances in the last few years….

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What is PointCentral Commercial Property Automation? A Down & Dirty Explanation – I.E. – “The Elevator Pitch”

In a recent post, I mentioned that my family welcomed a new baby boy into the world – 6 weeks ago today, to be exact. 🙂 This is the 3rd kiddo at are our house. Needless to say, it’s a hectic house. As you can imagine, the social calendar for a dad with three young kids is pretty empty. However,…

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