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February 2013

Focus on Property Automation, Not “Gadgets,” to Manage Your Vacation Rental

I’m all for embracing technology. Technology is moving FAST! And it’s in our best interest to keep up…professionally and personally. I was just chatting the other day about using maps – actual maps! – to figure out where you’re going. Can you believe we use to do that?! Thank you smartphones and Google Maps! In fact, I waxed poetically about…

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Property Automation Ready to Revolutionize Vacation Rental Management? – A Storyboard Explanation

This is a little experiment. A “storyboard” blog post? I’m a big fan of stories, and apparently telling a story is the most powerful way to activate our brains. So, what’s a “storyboard?” Here’s how wikipedia defines storyboard: Storyboard = Graphic organizers in the form of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of visualizing a story. A…

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Words of Wisdom for Vacation Rental Managers: Embrace Technology

You can file this post in the “slipped through the cracks” department. I have a pretty nifty article about the vacation rental industry to share today, but it’s been sitting in my “Great Blog Topics” folder since November. Eeek. Sorry about that. I’m usually much more timely as I toss awesome information around the interwebs, but the good news is…

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Top 10 Reasons Property Automation is the Perfect Fit for Vacation Rental Managers

I’ve been preaching the brilliant love affair between commercial property automation and the vacation rental industry for a while now. You can take a quick look through the blog history to get an understanding of the many benefits property automation offers VRM’s – in short, hotel-like control of a dispersed inventory of homes. But rather than send you down a…

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PointCentral FAQ: What is the PointSafe & How Does It Work?

In our last dose of PointCentral FAQ awesomeness, I shared an overview of the PointConnect property automation system – PointHub, Access Control (PointSafe & Yale lock), Energy Management, & Self-Monitored Motion Detection. It’s a pretty sweet overview if I do say so myself. 🙂 Today I’m going to dive into Access Control. As I mentioned, we have two options for…

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