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November 2012

Vacation Rental Home Automation Poised for Growth – Move over Jetsons…the future has arrived!

I came across this article the other day… Screw The Jetsons: smart devices and the era of the automated home Love the title! 🙂 I can recall watching the Jetsons cartoon as a kid and fantasizing about what the future will hold. Now the fantasies are becoming a reality. The recent advancements in home automation are astounding. The article makes…

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Who is PointCentral? – Vacation Rental Marketing Meets Home Automation

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re about to embark on some intros to the PointCentral team. The PointCentral home automation system is an amazing fit for the vacation rental industry – the ability to remotely monitor and control properties can offer an astounding change to the VRM business! But PointCentral is brand new to the vacation rental industry……

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Who is PointCentral? – An Inside Look at Vacation Rental Home Automation

For the past 5+ years, I’ve been building a lifelong love for the vacation rental industry. I started as a guest, and with my passion growing, I joined a professional vacation rental management (VRM) company on the Outer Banks as the Marketing Director. As a result, my close bond to the vacation rental industry has been growing day by day….

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Benefits of “Smart Home” Automation Technology – The Perfect Fit for Vacation Rentals

Technological advances are giving us control over our lives like we’ve never had before. “Smart phones,” literally, put control of the world in our hands. And “smart phones” are leading to “smart homes.” Driven by the consumer desire for increased control and connectivity, home automation technology is progressing at lightning speed – security companies, phone companies, cable companies, and KickStarter…

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Survey Says! Property Automation Survey Results from the Vacation Rental Managers Association

Vacation Rental Managers Association

A recent webinar survey of vacation rental managers makes it clear that professional VRMs are embracing “smart home” technology to reduce costs, improve efficiency and identify issues before they cause problems. We asked the VRMs to share their thoughts about how property automation could benefit the vacation rental market. It’s great to see professional VRMs confirm our belief that property management…

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