Baby Boomers are Technology Adopters: They May Beat You to Smart Control & Automation

Technology_Baby_BoomersI’m just back from a road-trip to Orlando for the Eastern VRMA conference.

We also hung around the sunshine state for an added day to give a group of vacation rental managers a first-hand look at the always impressive All Star Vacation Homes operations.

All Star is amazingly open with VRMs and allows PointCentral to tour their facilities, chat with team members, and soak up their southern hospitality in an effort to help VRMs recognize the fantastic benefits of smart home control.

All in all, I was pretty much away from the computer all of last week. Always great to interact in person, but as you may guess, I’m digging out from a hefty technology pile-up.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

First, here’s a couple links to get a feel for the awesome E. VRMA show:

  1. LiveRez conference recap
  2. A great look at the show via a GoPro from ICND

With that long-winded intro out of the way, here’s the main point of this post:

Vacation rental homeowners are adopting smart home technology with or without their property managers.

I talk with VRMs everyday, and each and every VRM confirms that their homeowners are buying home automation technology and using it – while the guests are in the house!

At the E. VRMA show one manager told me the story of a homeowner turning the heat down to 55 at night – while the guests are in the house!

I’m sure the idea of homeowners using home automation technology is not new to you. Heck, you’re probably fighting it right now with a Nest thermostat! I’ve even discussed this topic before:

However, it was brought to my attention again today through a pretty telling statistic about the over 50 population – i.e Baby Boomers…you know, that monstrous demographic growing by thousands every day. Yeah, your homeowners.

An article on Snagrent pointed out:

  • 69% of seniors will make use of the Internet [when booking a vacation].
  • AARP has a study that suggests that 80% of people over 50 will use the Internet when planning their holidays.

I admit, these stats are a bit of tangent compared to my above points. However, I don’t think I’m stretching our mental capacities too much.

The clear point of those stats is that seniors/Baby Boomers are technology adopters.

The Baby Boomer generation built the technology we use today. They laid the tracks for us to ride this technology roller coaster, and they are not afraid to use it.

Baby Boomers are busy adopting useful technology, and if you’re not quick, they may just pass you.

Hope to see you at W. VRMA!

Smart Control Technology & Louis C.K.

louis ckI hear “laughter is the best medicine.” Consider this a health break. :)

Here’s a quick video of Louis C.K. on the Conan O’Brien Show discussing how amazing technology is these days…

Great, right?!

I’m not sure I can agree with the “nobody’s happy” argument, but I most certainly agree with the technology is awesome side of the equation.

The smart control industry (mainly just homes at this point!) is growing FAST.

The “smart home” industry is projected togrow to almost $50B with more than half-a-billion smart devices by 2018.

The potential for smart control to change the way we ALL experience our daily lives is phenomenal.

If smart home automation offers a great impact to a single home, imagine leveraging this power for multiple properties.

Home/property automation offers an amazing impact on business operations when you take the residential benefits and multiply it by 2, 200, or 2000+ properties…all controlled from one dashboard.

Home automation on an “enterprise” level is pretty amazing. :)

PointCentral smart business control gives this power to businesses of all varieties.

The PointCentral technology is able to leverage cellular networks to cover large areas, while other home automation utilizes small WiFi networks, making it difficult to scale on an enterprise level.

Whether you manage 900 vacation rental homes, 2 quick serve restaurants, a 50 unit commercial office building, or anything in between, your business will improve with smart control.

PointCentral Smart Control will improve:

  • Security
  • Client Experience
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Energy/Cost Savings
  • Competitive Differentiation

Realize the benefits of Smart Home Control at no cost to you!
Including, full turn-key installation by PointCentral

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Want some more Louis CK? Here’s a great video of his recent monologue on Saturday Night Live.

Milestones: Is Bluewater Vacation Rentals the Largest Smart Home Installation in the World?

Emerald Isle beach I am happy to call the beaches of the Outer Banks home, but it sure is great to have the opportunity to travel to other vacation rental markets.

The picture to the left is a shot I snapped this morning of a gorgeous spring day on the beaches of Emerald Isle, NC. If you’ve never been, I suggest a trip.

I’ve spent the last couple days wrapping up a smart home control installation with Bluewater Vacation Rentals.

Bluewater has been using mechanical keys throughout its long history of vacation rental management. As I’ve discussed on a number of occasions, we all know the limitations/dangers of mechanical keys. (See related links below.)

Bluewater also has the distinction of managing one of the largest inventories of vacation rental homes in the United States (world?!) – 900+ properties, including long-term and condo HOA’s.

To add to this operational monster, there is one main entrance to Emerald Isle, and the guest influx in the summer is INTENSE.

With standard vacation rental check-in procedures (i.e. at the office), guests could be waiting in line – in their CARS! – for a very long time.

Needless to say, guests are not fond of this experience.

Bluewater has partnered with PointCentral to utilize smart home control to improve:

  • Security
  • Guest Experience
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Competitive Differentiation
We ‘d like to offer a huge welcome to the Bluewater team!

bluewater NC logo

But here’s my question,

Is Bluewater Vacation Rentals the largest smart home control installation in the world?

I’m not sure how to verify that. Guinness World Records? My research (i.e. a Google search), didn’t offer much help.

My thinking:

  • Cellular vs. WiFi: I’ve discussed the benefits of cellular vs. WiFi smart control a number of times. (See related links below.) We know that WiFi is not a reliable solution to manage home automation across multiple properties. Networks go down and need to be reset. Consistent communication is suspect. WiFi is a bear…VRMs know this well.
  • The partnership between PointCentral and gives us the ability to leverage developed cellular technology to manage smart home control, while every other home automation system runs off WiFi networks.

Bluewater Installation:

My theory:

Bluewater Vacation Rentals IS the largest smart home control installation operator in the world!

Guinness, please feel free to correct me. :)

Bluewater, congrats for being an innovative industry leader.

While we’re on the subject of milestones, a few quick PointCentral updates:

  1. PointCentral is now installed with 10+ VRMs. More on the way. :)
  2. 1,500+ VRM systems live each and every day ( has 2M subscribers, so the technology is pretty well vetted. :))
  3. API integration with 7+ vacation rental software providers…and more on the way!

We hope to see you at the regional VRMA shows, and we look forward to working with you to make 2014 a fantastic year for vacation rentals.

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Your Vacation Homes are Targets: The New Standard of Care & Security for Vacation Rental Management

burglar & keyI don’t mean to sound like a broken record (see related posts below :)), but some things bear repeating. And I believe the subject of vacation rental security is most definitely deserving of some repetition.

I mentioned this story in  my Art of War post the other day, but it was a bit buried in the text. So let’s call some greater attention to it, shall we?

Have you heard about the recent vacation home burglaries in N. California?

Burglars Targeting Sonoma County Vacation Homes

This is a strong reminder of what we already know:

  • Vacation rental properties are targets for crime.
  • Mechanical keys cannot be securely controlled.

Smart Home Control, including keyless access, is the New Standard of Care for VRMs:

[Download] VRM security white paper: Mechanical Keys: An Unnecessary Liability

[Watch] All Star Vacation Homes review discussing VRM security: All Star Vacation Homes Review

Realize the benefits of Smart Home Control at no cost to you!
Including, full turn-key installation by PointCentral

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Contact us at or 888.532.3032.

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  2. There’s a HUGE Need for Vacation Rental Security
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Get to Know PointCentral Smart Business Control: Recorded Webinar & Trade Show Interview

PointCentral LogoAs I mentioned in yesterday’s case study post, smart control technology is growing fast! And the applications for business are pretty amazing…

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase security
  • Improve business intelligence

The case study offers very compelling evidence of the benefits of smart business control, but to offer some more background and additional analysis of the benefits of smart business control, I’d like to share two easy-to-consume videos. Enjoy! :)

1. Key Management & Smart Thermostat Control [Webinar]

Recorded: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Co-Sponsored with the Security Executive Council.

Learn how you can lower costs, improve operations & eliminate risks with PointCentral Smart Control Solutions.

Smart Control Webinar:

  • Issues & Alternatives to Mechanical Keys
  • Energy Saving Alternatives – Pros & Cons
  • Smart Control Solutions

2. PointCentral Franchise Expo Interview

A brief interview at the Franchise Expo Show.

  • What is smart business control?
  • What are the benefits of smart business control?
  • Why choose PointCentral for you smart business control?

[Case Study] Smart Control = Smart Business: Reduce Costs, Increase Security & Improve Business Intelligence

Case StudySmart Home = Smart Business?

Smart home automation is growing fast!

Google recently bought Nest smart thermostats for $3.2 billion!

Overall, the “smart home” industry is projected to grow to almost $50B with more than half-a-billion smart devices by 2018.

Those are HUGE numbers.

But the question that lingers in my mind is, what type of impact will this smart automation have on businesses?!

If smart home automation offers a great impact to a single home, imagine leveraging this power for multiple properties.

Home/property automation offers an amazing impact on business operations when you take the residential benefits and multiply it by 2, 200, or 2000+ properties…all controlled from one dashboard.

Home automation on an “enterprise” level is pretty amazing. :)

PointCentral smart business control gives this power to businesses of all varieties.

The PointCentral technology is able to leverage cellular networks to cover large areas, while other home automation utilizes small WiFi networks, making it difficult to scale on an enterprise level.

[Related Link: Cellular Reliability]

Smart Business Control Case Study

To help quantify the impact of smart business control, PointCentral recently partnered with the Security Executive Council and a well known global service brand with more than 12,000 retail offices to conduct a case study across a 23 office sample.

The results are impressive.

[Download Case Study] Smart Business Control Reduces Costs, Increases Security & Improves Business Intelligence

I’ll let you review the case study to dig into the details, but here is a quick overview of the results:

A General Comparison of CompetitionService/Resource 

Attributes or Capabilities

PointCentral Company A
Eliminate distribution of mechanical keys Y Y
Provide web-based control for Access to all sites Y N
Remotely enable / disable Access Y N
Enable unaccompanied / temporary access Y N
Automated alerts for late opening Y Y
Automated alerts for access outside of unauthorized hours Y Y
Operate independent of corporate network Y N
Web connection technology Independent Cellular Network Corp Network / Local Router
Lower energy costs Y N
Remotely set HVAC schedules Y N
Automatic Alerts on office temperature extremes Y N
3 yr Cost of Ownership per Location Less than $1,000 per site $2,000 – $3,000 per site


Control ALL of Your Homes from One Dashboard [Enterprise Smart Home Control for Vacation Rental Management]

In a recent post I discussed how difficult vacation rental management operations are. A busy turn-over day is nothing short of miraculous. 

There is no easy way to manage an inventory of unique properties across vast distances. There are countless moving pieces that need to come together to form the orchestra that is your daily operations.

Every opportunity you have to streamline a piece of this orchestra can offer dramatic effects across your entire organization – improved customer service, better communications, faster response time, and ultimately real dollar savings.

Vacation rental management will never be as simple as managing a cookie-cutter hotel (one-roofers?! :)), but advancing technology now offers VRM’s the ability to start managing operations much closer to those pesky one-roofers.

PointCentral smart home control gives you the ability to monitor and control your ENTIRE inventory with one system.

2, 200 or 2,000+ Properties. 1 System, 1 Dashboard.

PointCentral smart home control dashboard

Enterprise Dashboard

An overview of today’s activity. “Smart” locks automatically update the status of ALL properties.

  • Guest checkout
  • Cleaning check-in/out
  • Inspection check-in/out
  • Guest check-in




Vacation Rental system listSystem Overview

Displays list of properties according to operational priorities:

  • Red: Arrival today, not cleaned and/or not inspected.
  • Orange: Future arrival, not cleaned and/or not inspected.
  • Green: Ready for occupancy.
  • White: Occupied.





VRM Property ViewProperty Control

Displays status of property automation including:

  • Occupancy status
  • Lock Status
  • Temperature & HVAC Settings
  • Access History




Realize the benefits of Smart Home Control at no cost to you!

Learn more at
Contact us at or 888.532.3032.

Vacation Rental Security & the Art of War: Why Its Time to Make Your Homes Safe & Secure

Art of WarI’ve written about vacation rental security (or the lack thereof) on a number of occasions. I’ll spare you the rehashing of old ideas.

Suffice it to say, there’s a big gap in security of vacation rental homes. Keys are the devil, floating codes are just as bad as floating keys, yada, yada, yada.

I’ll share some related posts at the bottom to add some additional context to the security discussion.

To start, I’d like to share two quotes from the classic Art of War by Sun Tzu:

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

The Art of War is classic Eastern Philosophy that on the surface focuses on war, but in reality is applicable to all aspects of life…especially business.

Your battlefield is your inventory of vacation rental homes, and your adversary is any element that detracts from a fantastic client (guest or homeowner) experience.

Safety and security are at the core of this fantastic client experience, and at this point, your foe seems to have the upper-hand.

The Vacation Rental Security Reality

Managing vacation rental homes is a difficult job. Unlike those easy hotels managing operations under one roof ;), you need to manage multiple, unique properties covering vast distances. Every aspect of VR operations is insanely difficult.

In addition to challenging operations, a wide variety of people need access to your homes, the homes sit vacant for large sections of time, up-to-the-minute availability calendars are published on websites, and there hasn’t been an effective Access Control system that is affordable and easy to manage.

No wonder the vacation rental security issue has been pushed under the rug for so long. But the reality is, bad stuff happens…

Here is a small sampling of the security issues facing vacation rental homes:

My guess is you may have experienced similar stories in your area. But how do you take control?!

The vacation rental industry battles every day to manage keys/codes, audit locks, and provide security-checks. But that is A LOT of manual effort, and at the end of the day, is it effective?

The above sampling of security stories would indicate these efforts are not providing the security needed.

How does this make guests and homeowners feel? Do your employees and vendors feel safe and secure?


Let’s extend this vacation rental “battlefield” one step further – the court of law. I’m no lawyer, but let’s offer up some questions to consider…

  1. Who is responsible for managing access at your vacation rental homes?
  2. Do guests, homeowners, etc. have a reasonable expectation that access is being controlled in a safe and secure manner?
  3. Does the general public understand the security gaps associated with current vacation rental access management standards?
  4. Do you offer a security disclosure?
  5. If/when something bad happens, who will be liable?
  6. Will your business insurance cover you?
The Time Has Come to Take Control of Vacation Rental Security

You battle every day to manage insanely difficult operations, and one of the most thankless tasks is managing manual security precautions that seem to be ineffective.

The great news is that in the midst of this chaos is BIG opportunity. Opportunity to manage the battlefield and create victory without facing the every day battles.

“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Keyless access control, real-time access history, and self-monitored security are a MUST as the vacation rental industry grows and matures.

To compete with hotels, VRMs will need to offer the same level of safety and security. Keys falling into the hands of bad guys will not offer the protection that is needed.

PointCentral smart home control can provide this level of control and improved operations.


Smart Home Control

Smart Home Control


Eliminate the Risk & Hassle of Keys with Smart Home Control

Improve security, reduce liability, streamline operations & cut costs. 

Smart Access Control:

  • Simplified access management
  • Keyless access
  • Single PIN access to all properties
  • Wireless guest check-in/out notifications
  • Housekeeping & inspection completion status
  • Add/delete guest, employee & vendor PINs remotely
  • No PIN change for reservation modifications
  • Simple installation—no door modification needed
  • Access information by property, user, date & time
  • Set alerts for unauthorized user access

Take Control of Your Homes

  • No WiFi management (cellular based system)
  • No upfront capital investment
  • Revenue opportunity
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  5. Where are Your Keys?! {Take Control with Smart Home Automation}
Download our Security White Paper:

9 Factors for Vacation Rental Vendor Success [And the Importance for Your VRM]

fireworksA hearty “Congratulations” is in order for the fine folks at Glad to Have You (GTHY).

It was announced last week that Glad to Have You was acquired by vacation rental big dog, HomeAway.

As Amy Hinote points out on VRMIntel, to many, the acquisition of this 2-year old start-up tech company may seem like a

“Cinderella story, but Glad to Have You’s success wasn’t the result of a magical fairy godmother. Glad to Have You made several specific, intentional, strategic decisions in their short history which accelerated their success story.”

I evaluated the Glad to Have You product as a VRM Marketing Director just before I made the leap to the vendor side of the VR industry with PointCentral. I was impressed with the product then, and I’ve even more impressed by their growth in such a short time.

I agree with Amy that Glad to Have You made several strong strategic decisions to impact the vacation rental industry quicly.

Amy lists nine factors that led to GTHY’s success, and as I read her criteria, I was excited to see that PointCentral has made very similar decisions and commitments to the the vacation rental industry.

End Game

One note before I offer a quick breakdown of the 9 factors. While I see strategic similarities between GTHY and PointCentral, the end games are a bit different.

GTHY made a great run at creating a start-up tech business built to be acquired – like many start-up tech companies. And it worked very well.

PointCentral is not a typical start-up. We’ve built our business on the experience and framework provided by our parent company, PointCentral has no focus on acquisition because we already have the support of an amazing technology company. This allows us to maintain our focus on building a fantastic product to support the vacation rental industry.

Why are these vendor success factors important to your VRM?

Regardless of the “end game,” partnering with success-minded vendors with staying-power is crucial for small businesses – i.e. the vast majority of the vacation rental industry.

Choosing the wrong vendor or betting on the wrong technology can stunt the growth of a VRM very quickly. A huge amount of resources (time, money, personnel, etc.) can be wasted headed in the wrong direction and then unraveling a mess to right the ship.

On the flip-side, discovering the right partnerships can offer great impacts to your business allowing you to out-pace your competition, and these 9 factors can help you find those quality partnerships.

9 Factors for VRM Vendor Success:

1. Identify a Need from a Place of Experience:

  • The founders of PointCentral have a securities background with Supra lockboxes and GE Securities.
  • has 2+ million security and home automation customers in the US. 
  • I have almost 5 years of VRM experience on the Outer Banks, but more importantly, our clients have extensive vacation rental experience, large inventories of homes, and sophisticated VRM operations. 
  • Smart home control fills a large need in the vacation rental industry, and we are leveraging a wide variety of experiences to develop superior products to fill that need.

2. Seriously Invest in Development:

  • As a cloud-bases/SAAS business model, our core components center around continuous development.
  • New developments are rolled out on a weekly basis.
  • Like GTHY, the PointCentral product works well, works consistently and provides vacation rental managers functionality that meets their specialized business needs.

3. Hire an Incentivized and Outstanding Sales Team:

  • I’m one of the PointCentral sales people, so I’m a bit biased in this category. :) But our sales team is growing fast, and I’d like to believe that our hiring criteria fits Amy’s description: “likeable and knowledgeable industry-specific sales team who had substantial sales experience, and a unique understanding of the industry.”

4. Commit Fully to the Vacation Rental Industry:

  • In a short time PointCentral has grown from a VRM newbie with no VRM clients and 1.5 sales people, to a seasoned VR vendor supporting more than 10 VRMs and over 1K systems live each and every day.
  • We have API integrations completed or in the works with 7 reservation software providers (including GTHY :)).
  • Our sales team has grown to four dedicated folks with nothing but vacation rentals on their minds.

5. Sell Face-to-Face:

  • My wife may curse this factor as she juggles the three kids, but travel is a must. This is a relational industry and sales/support is a relational occupation. We all want to trust (and like :)) the people we are working work. In addition, new technology (like Smart Home Control) needs to be seen, held, and fiddled with.
  • The PointCentral sales force is on the road multiple times per month meeting with VRMs at their headquarters, attending trade shows, speaking at VR seminars, and hosting Smart Home Control Seminars at live client sites.
  • Travel can be a bear, but we love shaking hands and offering a smile. We recognize the value in our partner relationships.

6. Listen to Customers & React Quickly:

  • As I mentioned above, development is a core component to the PointCentral system, and client feedback from leading VRMs is crucial to this development process.
  • Similar to GTHY, our “industry knowledge and strong internal communications between sales, support, operations and development,” gives PointCentral the ability “to quickly assess customer needs and rapidly implement new features and functionality.”
  • As a quick example, early this week I discussed the benefits of the PointCentral Operations Dashboard for turn-over days, and this development was largely driven by our relationship with VRMs like All Star Vacation Homes and Sunriver Resort.

7. Proactively Reach Out to Customers to Provide Support & Service:

8. Partner with Everybody:

  • Like GTHY, PointCentral is vendor agnostic. A fancy way of saying we’re happy to integrate with everyone. As mentioned above, we’re in the process of integrating with seven reservation software providers, and more are on the way.

9. Develop More

  • I love that Amy ended her list of 9 crucial VR vendor factors by stressing continued development. As we all know, the vacation rental industry is growing fast. And technology advancements are racing at an even faster pace. Successful VR vendors can never take their foot off the development gas peddle. We agree. And we are doubling-down on continuous development.

Great list VRMIntel and congratulations Glad to Have You.

Here’s to continuous development of great products for a great industry.

Disney Bets $1 Billion on “Smart” Technology

logo-disney-5It’s safe to say Disney is one of the most formidable travel and hospitality companies in the world. A behemoth with parks, hotels, food, merchandise…you name, they offer it.

Really, one of the most formidable companies in ANY industry.

It’s no surprise that when Mickey tests a new strategy, companies, nay industries, take notice.

Disney Makes $1B Bet on Smart Technology

Check out Disney’s newest bet described in this Business Week article:

“Smart” technology and the “Internet of Things” is moving mainstream and gaining a huge amount of momentum these days, but Disney isn’t just making their facilities “smart.” They are making every move, every interaction, every detail of their experience as smart as it can be.

Disney’s MyMagic+ is a $1 billion experiment in crowd control, data collection, and wearable technology that will change the way visitors interact with every aspect of their Disney experience. Douglas Quinby, vice president for research at PhoCusWright calls it “a complete game changer.”

  • Reservation and ride planning system that allows for bookings months in advance on a website or smartphone app.
  • MagicBands that serve as admission tickets, hotel keys, and credit or debit cards.
  • The data will help Disney determine when to add more staff at rides, what restaurants should serve, which souvenirs should be stocked, and how many employees in costume should roam around at any given time.
  • Data about customer preferences could be used to craft e-mails or text messages.

Disney is leveraging emerging “smart” technology to offer their guests a more immersive, more seamless, and more personal experience.

It’s not all about customer experience though. Disney recognizes this smart technology will have a strong impact on their bottom line:

When you make [the logistics] easier, people tend to spend more time on entertainment and more time on consumables—be that food and beverage, merchandise, etc. – Disney Chief Financial Officer Jay Rasulo

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

pc_pull_up_banner_commercial_Final_33x80Most companies can’t implement smart technology at the same scale as Disney. But you don’t need billions to realize amazing benefits from smart technology. Smart Business Control offers a great opportunity to improve your operations and provide a great client experience.

Your business will benefit from:

PointCentral offers real-time control of your operations from any web-enabled device.